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It’s important to check that the courses you apply for will give you the opportunity to study what you want to.

But it’s not just the content that varies between courses. The way they are taught and assessed can too. If this is important to you, think about whether the teaching and assessment methods are right for you and your learning style.

Courses are split into units or modules. Usually there are some modules that you must study and others that will be optional. You can find these listed on the university or college course page.

The content of courses can vary a lot within the same subject. If you’re interested in a particular aspect of the subject you want to study, check that it’s included in the modules that are available.

It’s also worth looking at what else you can do as part of the course. Many courses offer placement opportunities that can help with your employment prospects.

All higher education courses require more independent study than you will have been used to. The time you spend in taught sessions will vary depending on the subject and, in some cases, the modules you choose.

Teaching methods vary and include:

  • Lectures
  • Small group teaching, such as seminars
  • Tutorials

You may also carry out some of your learning online, through a virtual learning environment.

When comparing courses, the amount of teaching time isn’t always the most important thing to consider. The way you will be taught, and the type of teaching staff are also worth thinking about.

Not all courses are assessed by just exams. Some will use continuous assessment such as coursework. If this suits you better, look for courses that mostly use this form of assessment.

Universities and colleges are required by law to give you information about what you can expect from the course. This can be found on their website and includes course content, and the amount and type of contact with staff.

On Discover Uni you can search and compare courses. The course pages provide information about the course and have links to additional relevant information on university and college websites.

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